Origin- Madagascar

Size- 9-12”

Lifespan- 7-8+ years

Housing- Young can be housed in kritter-keepers. They should have many vertical branches and some horizontal branches! They also need plenty of foliage. They should be misted once-to-twice per day depending on ventilation for the cage. They should always have a water bowl of some sort, as they will drink from it. But I prefer water fountains/ Water falls, as the leaf-tails seem to be more attracted to drink moving water. Although they will drink from standing water, but I see the geckos with water fountains in there cage drink more often!

I keep babies on paper towels until they are about 5-7 inches long. Then when they are sub-adults to adults I keep them on bed-a-beast, Eco Earth… Just make sure that the cage is kept clean!

1.1 adults should be kept in a cage that is about 24”x 24”x 48”. Although you can keep them in a smaller cage I have found that the bigger the better! Also all Leaf-Tail geckos need more height to there cage then length. So it is a good idea to have the cage taller then it is wide or deep!

Temperature- I have a hot spot of 82° and a cool spot of 72°. The hot spot is on a branch near the top and is about 8-10 inches away from the light bulb, which is on the out side of the cage! The cool spot is on one of the lower branches in the cage! I feel that they need a hot spot and a cool spot so that they can go anywhere in-between them and choose what temperature that they want to be at! Although Never let the temperatures get about 84°. High temperatures can kill leaf-tail geckos!

At night I turn off all my lights and they are at room temperature all night!

Feeding- I feed my baby Henkeli small crickets until becoming sub-adults. When they become sub-adults they are feed crickets, roaches, silkworms, and a few wax-worms. When they are adults they are offered crickets, roaches, silkworms, a few wax-worms, and baby mice or rats! Normally I will only give my adult females baby mice or rats because it helps them with calcium levels and helps them develop nice, big, white, fertile eggs!!

Breeding- I keep my leaf-tails a little cooler in the winter and warm them up a little after the winter. I don’t have any special tricks to breeding them. All I do is keep the humidity up, feed them often, and keep their cage just like it would be in Madagascar.

Eggs- I incubate eggs in Perlite that when squeezed in your hand, no water drips out. I then place the eggs into it and record the weight. Then every few weeks to a month I weigh the container and put water in it until it reaches the previous weight.

Incubation- I incubate the eggs at 75-78°F. At his temperature the eggs should hatch in about 90 days. Although lower temperatures = longer time to hatch and a higher temperature = a shorter time to hatch. But to high of a temperature can cause deformities and possibly kill the baby inside as well as to low of a temperature.